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Your First Tournament

Your First Tournament and Moving Things Along

First things first, don’t worry about your score.

The BGA Junior Tour is a developmental tour. Some children have played in quite a few tournaments; for some this year on the BGA will be their first ever tournament experience.

Try not to worry about your score too much; for many of you you are just getting used to playing in tournaments; walking 18 holes (or nine holes); learning new courses; making new friends, etc.

The idea is to start getting use to playing in golf tournaments, carrying your golf bag and walking the course. Figuring out out how far you have for each shot and choosing what club to hit. Also, figuring out rulings. If you are not sure about a rule,  ask your playing partners. If in doubt, play a second ball, keeping score for both balls, and we will determine which ruling was correct and what your score was on the hole.

During tournaments, parents must keep their distance and cannot help with club selection, yardages, scorekeeping or rules. They may help you look for a lost ball, give you something to drink, etc.

Here are a few pointers:

* When you get to the golf course, check in with us first.

* Try to get to the golf course about an hour before your tee time; that will give you time to hit some range balls to warm up and putt.

* Get to the tee where you are starting at least 10 minutes before your tee time.

* We will have your scorecard at your first tee.


* We play golf unless the course is closed due to weather.

* It will be hot, so drink plenty of water and powerades, which are supplied by the tournament.

* Do your best to keep cool by pacing yourself, standing in the shade when you can and

keeping an even temperament.

Moving Things Along

Ready Golf does not mean rushing, but does mean moving things along.

  • Tournament golf is different from a casual round of golf.
  • Ready Golf means thinking ahead so that you are ready to play when it is your turn.
  • You are expected to play any stroke within 40 seconds.
  • Ready Golf means being ready to play.
  • Walk to your ball as soon as possible, so that you can choose your club and think about the shot in advance, not when it is your turn.
  • When a ball is lost, hit your shot first and then help look for the lost ball.
  • When on the Green, line up your putt before it is your turn, and putt out immediately instead of marking, if you are not in someone else’s line and if you are comfortable with the putt. Start walking to the next hole immediately after all players are finished putting, marking down your playing partner’s score and your score on their scorecard as you walk