FAQ and Expected Behavior

  • Is sign up still going ahead? Yes, sign up to join the Junior Tour is ongoing, with event sign up set to open on April 7 at 6:00 pm CST. If this has to be delayed, you will be informed if your child is signed up for the Tour.
  • What if my child is not yet 10 years old? We will decide with you whether or not your child is ready to participate based on his/her ability. Please contact us to discuss your situation.
  • Is this tour just for boys? No, girls are welcomed and our girls divisions have grown every year. We have both a girls nine-hole, ages 10-19 age division and a girls 18-hole, ages 13-19 age division.
  • What does the $275 fee cover? It covers up to six events (not including the Junior Championship) during the 2020 Summer Season. Fee is $240 for nine-hole age groups (10-11 boys, 10-19 girls, nine-hole division).
  • Can my child play in more than six events? Yes. After the initial sign up to join the tour concludes on May 7, all age groups in all fields that are not full will reopen to be filled on a first come first served basis. The fee for each additional event you choose to sign your child up in is $50 per event (18 holes) or $30 (nine holes) and there is no limit on the total number of events they may play in. However, the first six events you sign them up for during the initial sign up will be the six events that count for the overall points list which is used to determine the field in the Junior Championship.
  • Show your pride in the BGA with a BGA T-Shirt! Each member of the BGA will receive a T-Shirt with the BGA’s logo on the front and tournament schedule on the back. They will also be available for order by parents, other adults, siblings, etc. To order, when you sign your junior up for the Tour, you will be asked their T-Shirt size. You will also be asked if you would like to order additional T-Shirts. This is when you can do so.
  • Are pull carts allowed? Are spectator carts available for rent? Both of these depend on the host club. It is listed in tournament information for each specific event.
  • May I coach or caddie for my child during the round? No, we expect your child to be able to act independently on the golf course. If she/he is unable to do so then she/he may not be ready for the competitive environment.
  • Distance Measuring Devices are permitted, but must be used to measure distance only, and may not be used to measure other conditions such as wind speed or direction, temperature or elevation.
  • What happens if we are rained out for an event? We will attempt to complete as much of the round as possible if and when safe. If necessary due to bad weather, nine holes will constitute a tournament round. No make ups are available. However, we will make every effort to place your child in another event, if a spot is available.
  • Who plays in the Championship at the end of the season? The top finishers in the overall points lists in all six age groups (10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-19, girls nine-hole, ages 10-19, and girls 18-hole, ages 13-19) are eligible to play in the Championship. The percentage breakdown of players per age group is based on overall numbers on the tour in each age group and the full field will total 102 golfers. The breakdown in 2019 was: Top 6 finishers in Girls nine-hole, ages 10-19; top 12 finishers in Girls 18 holes, ages 13-19; top 15 in 10-11; top 27 in 12-13; top 27 in 14-15; and top 15 in 16-19. If a child is eligible for the Championship, but is unable to play (other sports, camps, vacation, etc) then the next child on the final points list is their age group is contacted.
  • Is my child expected to know all of the Rules of Golf? A current copy of the Rules of Golf is given to each player at the beginning of the season. As rulings on the golf course occur, the BGA staff will assist your junior golfer with the correct ruling.

Player Behavior

We have a code of conduct we require all players to abide by.


You are expected not only to act like a golfer, but to look like one as well. This is important.

  • The following attire is NOT allowed: tank tops, T-shirts, short shorts, denim shorts and jeans are not acceptable.
  • Girls may wear sleeveless golf shirts.

Etiquette/course behavior

Any breach deemed to be serious may result in disqualification under Rule 33-7. A serious breach may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • abusive or inappropriate language
  • disrespect shown to course officials, BGA staff, club members, golf professionals, spectators or your fellow competitors
  • throwing of clubs
  • mistreatment of the golf course in any way

Remember, golf is a game of honesty and integrity.

Spectator Behavior

We appreciate the support provided by parents, other family members and other spectators who attend our events. In order to run our tournaments in the most effective manner and provide enjoyment for all involved, we need all non-players to abide by the following rules throughout a tournament:

  • Please do not walk in the fairways.
  • Please do not give advice to a player during his or her round.
  • Spectators can help look for lost balls, be a spotter and come up to the green to watch when the players are putting. They may also give their child something to drink and eat.
  • Spectators need to be aware of other players on the course.
  • Please do not lag behind which prevents the group behind from playing their shots.
  • Please set your cell phones to silent while on the course.
  • Please do not approach the scoring area after the round or assist the player(s) with scoring while they are at the scoring area.