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Find much more information under the BGA Scholarship tab. We encourage all eligible high school seniors who will graduate in 2024 to apply for the BGA Scholarship. If you don’t apply, you obviously can’t be considered.

Most importantly, you must have played a minimum of three years (2024 can be your third year) on the BGA Junior Tour. If you have met this requirement, you do not have to play on the BGA Junior Tour in 2024 to be eligible to apply, but we would be delighted if you do so.

2023 was our eighth year to offer a scholarship or scholarships. BGA Board Member J.C. Ranelli championed the BGA scholarship and we have been delighted to put it into practice.

In 2016, the inaugural year of the scholarships, Andrew Tomko and Thomas Luther each received a BGA scholarship. In 2017 the recipients were Nicklaus Lyda and Nicholas Robillard. In 2018 Helen Lunsford and Carter Goodwin were the recipients. In 2019 Emily Baker, Reynolds Lambert and Jalen Mosely were the recipients. In 2020 Katie Gray, Christopher Upton and Avery Stansell were the recipients. In 2021 Annamarie Thompson, Andrew McCary and Robert Grubbs were the recipients. In 2022 Neysa Dechachutinan, Kaitlyn Shields and Reagan Waggoner were the recipients. And in 2023 Nathan Dechachutinan and Joe Eshleman were the recipients.