Birmingham Golf Association

Hall of Fame

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Criteria on which Hall of Fame recipients is based:

  1. Outstanding competitive career
    This criteria can be fulfilled by outstanding performance in competitive play over a period of time on the state, sectional, or national level, or on a local level of competition, but not lower than a country club 54 hole invitational tournament.

  2. Outstanding golf promotion contributions
    A person who has, on an ongoing basis, contributed or assisted in the promotion of the play or development of golf, such as the promotion of:
    a.) Junior Programs
    b.) Exhibitions benefiting the community
    c.) Competitive Events
    d.) Other acts that aided in the interest and participation in the game of golf.

  3. Outstanding golf administration contributions
    Areas that will be considered in this criteria include outstanding performance, over a period of time, by a person who has served as an officer or in an executive position in a local, state, or national organization.

    It is suggested that a nominee be named in 2 of the 3 categories. However, under certain exceptional circumstances, a person may qualify in only one of the criteria and be nominated.